as we sin, so do we suffer

Sophia (21) Greek

● Passion for cinema, and quality television

● I've got a soft spot for flawed and troubled characters.


i want flawless eyebrows and $100,000

excuse you…

messi’s arrogance??? i would never dream of speaking against the winning team but this draws the limit really…where the hell did Messy look arrogant? was it because he didn’t smile while receiving the award? maybe because he was devastated on the loss of his team and probably blaims himself a great deal cause of the shoot he lost just before the time ended? or is it maybe the fact that he was in pain through half the game and still held on. idk but to me he looked like a person that could barely pull it together and patiently waiting to get the ok to leave the pitch


“Is Hector a skilled soldier?”

The star of home. Arya stood at the prow, one hand resting on the gilded figurehead, a maiden with a bowl of fruit. […] But that was stupid. Her home was gone, her parents dead, and all her brothers slain but Jon Snow on the Wall.

my luck is unbelievably shitty…

comes home for a few days, gets an ear infection

most important news of today… lena headey nominated for an emmy