as we sin, so do we suffer

Sophia (21) Greek

● Passion for cinema, and quality television

● I've got a soft spot for flawed and troubled characters.

His sister sat in a puddle of wine, cradling her son’s body. Her gown was torn and stained, her face white as chalk.

The boy is gone, Cersei.


“what was your key motivation for this piece”

oh idk the due date


Make out sessions that lead to foreplay that lead to oral that lead to sex that lead to pizza and video games is highly requested right now.


I will always bring grief - can you hear me? - for you
all alone, in Paradise

Divert elsewhere the lines
Of the palm, destiny, as a shunter
At some point it will allow the time

How else, people love each other

Will stage the sky our bowels
And innocence will strike the world
With the rigor of the black death

Because the strange and unexplored
Can not stand the man and it is not time yet, can you hear me
It is not time yet among these people, my love
To speak of you and me

Odysseus Elytis - The Monogram


because you’re a lannister: probably the contents of tywin’s ipod.

the rains of castamere - the national | rains of castamere - malukah | the rains of castamere - karliene | the rains of castamere (dronelife cover) - irisarri | the rains of castamere (red wedding edition) (cover) - dan becker | the rains of castamere - major revan | the rains of castamere - alannamatty | father figure - george michael


 “A monster,” she whispered, so tremulously she could scarcely hear her own voice. “Joffrey is a monster. He lied about the butcher’s boy and made Father kill my wolf. When I displease him, he has the Kingsguard beat me. He’s evil and cruel, my lady, it’s so. And the queen as well.”


A thousand leagues.

For after Jaime’s return; handless and hopeless.

(A fanmix dedicated to Jaime and Cersei’s relationship after his return.)